Leverage the power of edge computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Kubernetes to allow your business to thrive through a robust VMWare platform with the help of our remote VMware consultants and expert-level VMware cloud consultancy in Ukraine.

Quick Journey to VMware Cloud Platform

VMware is one of the leaders in the technological journey of cloud computing and virtualization. VMware cloud computing services are offered by VMware Inc, which was established in 1998 with the first-ever virtualization of x86 architecture. A large number of virtualization products for on-premises hardware, software-defined solutions, virtual network solutions, and allied products are offered by the VMware cloud in collaboration with numerous cloud service providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and others. Top products of VMware cloud for which we can provide professional services consultant VMware staff include:

  • VMware Cloud Foundation – This is a comprehensive cloud platform designed for deployment and operations of private clouds created under Server Defined Data Centers (SDDC).
  • VMware vRealize Suite – A powerful platform for managing the cloud resources on hybrid cloud ecosystems.
  • VMware vSAN – It is built on VMware ESXi Server hypervisor for software defined storage solutions in VMware cloud ecosystem
  • VMware NSX – A powerful product for software-defined data center to build virtual network platforms
  • VMware Workspace Portal – A VMware app store extensively used for workspace management in the VMware cloud environment.

Major VMware Consulting Services Provided by Experts We Hire

We are a professional VMware consulting firm that recruits highly skilled and expert VMware specialists for our clients. The VMware consulting rates we offer for providing fully managed recruitment services are very competitive, suitable for all types and sizes of businesses. Top services offered by a VMware cloud consultant we hire include:

vmware consulting services
  • Transitioning plan designing – The consultants we hire are capable of assessing the existing IT infrastructure for weaknesses, performance bottlenecks, technology crunches, integration roadblocks, security issues, and other pain points and designing a comprehensive cloud solution powered by a wide range of VMware cloud services – compute, network, software, tools, and others professionally.
  • Implementation – The other major cloud consulting services VMware cloud offered by the consultants we hire include the deployment of all cloud resources, applications, business processes, databases, networks, platforms, and allied tools identified in the solution design. They also configure and test the deployment to make sure the implementation of the solution is in line with desired business objectives and industry standards.
  • Modernization & optimization – VMware consultants we recruit for you offer highly placed VMware optimization consulting services for all business processes, platforms, cloud resources, and infrastructure to improve performance, security, reliability, and industry compliance. They also help modernize the software applications by using the powerful capabilities and technologies of VMware cloud.
  • Data migration – The specialists we hire for our clients provide a unified data migration solution, which includes preparing migration plans, creating storage, building activity steps, maintaining security and integrity of data and others.
  • Operations & maintenance – The VMware specialists we recruit can provide fully managed operations and maintenance activities while maintaining high-level performance, uptime, reliability, and security in the cloud.

How & Where to Hire a VMware Solutions Consultant?

You can choose multiple ways of hiring VMware consultants for building a local or a remote team such as:

  • Traditional hiring – Used for on-premises hiring through local recruiters and directly through company’s own HR team. It is a very costly, complex, and rigid way of hiring.
  • Dedicated remote hiring – A dedicated team of VMware consultants is hired by recruitment consultants like us to work solely on your projects remotely with full control over the team. It is an easy, scalable, and cost-efficient way.
  • Freelancers – Hiring any VMware consultant from freelancer websites directly is a more cost-efficient but very less reliable option of hiring.

Remote hiring of VMware consultants is the best option for the majority of the companies in different industries. You can hire a remote consultant from top outsourcing destinations of the world such as Ukraine. We can help you recruit high-class VMware consultant in Ukraine with an affordable VMware consultant salary and the best quality.

hire vmware consultants remote

Why to Hire a Dedicated VMware Technical Consultant Working Remotely in Ukraine?

According to the Gartner information, more than 47% of the company leaders want to allow full-time remote workers, which developed a large number of remote destinations such as Ukraine to achieve the benefits such as:

  • Thriving IT market – Ukraine is one of the fastest-growing IT markets with over 20.44% annual growth and over $5.026 billion IT exports.
  • Large tech-talent pool – Ukraine has over 200 thousand IT specialists to support remote outsourcing services
  • Competitive rates – The rates of hiring IT consulting VMware specialists in Ukraine are very competitive as compared to many competitor countries.
  • Higher quality/cost ratio – Ukraine follows European quality standards that offer great quality/cost rate to clients
  • Ideal location – Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe, which is a central location for all major regions to reach physically. It shares overlapped working hours with many countries that makes it ideal for remote consultancy.

Top Benefits of Choosing Us as Your VMware Consultancy and Recruitment Partner

Choose our professional-grade services for VMware consultancy and recruitment solutions that your business deserves to achieve benefits such as:

  • Help you save substantial recruitment/operational cost
  • Recruit quality consultants to bridge technological and skill gaps
  • Achieve better competitive-edge in marketplace
  • Help achieve faster ROI and industry compliance
  • Improve productivity of your existing team
  • Enhance user experience and customer satisfaction
  • Improve performance of all business processes

How Do We Recruit IT Consulting VMware Specialists?

We recruit VMware DevOps skilled in top monitoring tools, and other consultants to provide you with better DevOps consulting services through the following steps:

  1. Sourcing – We use social media, referrals, job portals, and other databases to source the right candidate to meet your requirements.
  2. Shortlisting – Our team shortlists relevant candidates based on experience
  3. Interviewing – In coordination with clients, we conduct multiple interviews to finalize a candidate
  4. Offering/contracting – We send offer letter and then sign a contract with hired candidate
  5. Onboarding – Our team introduces the hired candidate to existing team and company’s work processes

If you are searching for a professional-level remote recruitment service, get in touch with us and learn how to hire VMware consultants remotely in Ukraine!

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