Achieve the best for your business needs out of a wide range of cloud-based offerings through Oracle Cloud Platform by exploiting all features & capabilities with the help of a dedicated team of cloud application consultant Oracle we recruit for you.

Top Benefits of Using Oracle Cloud & Oracle Cloud Consulting Services for Your Business

Oracle Cloud is one of the next-generation cloud platforms consisting of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for IaaS and PaaS services, Oracle Cloud Applications for SaaS services, and Oracle Data Cloud for DaaS services. The main benefits of using Oracle cloud include:

benefits of using oracle cloud
  • Comprehensive platform for building end-to-end business solution
  • Supports a range of open-source tools, standards, programming languages, databases, and apps
  • Access to a large ecosystem of third-party tools and platforms
  • Provides options to integrate numerous Oracle data analytics tools and applications
  • Allows process-specific professional apps to use such as Customer Experience (CX), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Human Capital Management (HCM), and others
  • Able to cover all major industries such as finance, marketing, sales, public, defense, IT, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and others
  • Improves performance, productivity, ROI, and user experience

Either using the services of Oracle ERP cloud consulting companies or hiring dedicated Oracle cloud consultant offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Efficient use of cloud features and capabilities
  • Optimized usage of cloud resources
  • Saving of operational and cloud resource cost significantly
  • Improved cloud security and reliability
  • Faster time-to-market and continual improvement
  • Standard compliance and governance

Main Services Provided by Oracle Cloud Consulting Experts We Hire

The major services related to data, compute, storage, and cloud security consulting offered by the Oracle consultants we hire for our clients include:

#1. Cloud Strategic Advisory

Cloud strategic advisory services include developing a comprehensive cloud strategy for an organization that addresses all issues related to present and provides a vision for the future with the help of a unified roadmap for IT investment, process automation, security policy, application development infrastructure, business management lifecycle, continual performance improvement strategy, and much more. The Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP consultants we hire are capable enough to provide professional-grade cloud strategic consultancy services to our valued clients.

#2. Cloud Application Consultancy

Cloud application consultancy is the domain in which the most efficient software app development tools and platforms are chosen on the Oracle platform for faster development, testing, and deployment of customized and Oracles’ standard business applications such as SCM, CRM, HPM, ERP, CX, and others. The expert team of Oracle SCM cloud consultant and Oracle cloud finance consultant and specialists we hire provides comprehensive support on building enterprise ERP business application ecosystem professionally.

#3. Cloud Infrastructure Consulting

We focus on hiring highly skilled and certified consultants in Oracle infrastructure management so that they can provide a complete roadmap of building, configuring, and managing the infrastructure such as compute, storage, platforms, servers, networks, routes, edge services, and other components.

#4. Data Migration Consultancy

Data migration is a very complex process that should be properly planned while considering different aspects such as phases, activities, security levels, database selection, block volumes, and other factors. The domain-expert consultants we recruit such as Oracle Cloud finance consultant, technology consultants, cloud sales consultant Oracle, and others provide end-to-end data migration plans for smooth data cut-over activities.

Sample CV of Cloud Consultant Oracle

oracle cloud consultant cv sample

Remote Oracle Cloud Technology Consultant vs In-House vs Freelancers

At present, hiring a remote Oracle Cloud technology consultant offers the best trade-off with other forms of hiring in terms of the following comparing factors:

  • Reliability – Remote Oracle consultant is much more reliable than a freelancer
  • Cost – In-house consultant costs huge as compared to hiring a remote consultant or a freelancer
  • HR management – Managing HR processes such as payroll, leaves, vacation, social security, and many other such factors for an in-house consultant are more difficult than a fully managed remote consultant, while freelancer is not a very reliable option.
  • Control – Both remote and in-house consultants offer great control while freelancer is not a reliable option in terms of control at all.
  • Scalability – Scaling up a team of consultants remotely is much easier and faster as compared to in-house hiring.

Thus, hiring remote consultants is preferred by companies across the industries worldwide.

remote oracle cloud consulting services

How Can We Help You in Searching and Hiring Cloud Platform Consultant Oracle?

Our searching and hiring services are fully managed and professional powered by:

  • Modern software tools
  • Automated filtering processes
  • Accessing multiple channels like social media, professional recommendations, and others
  • Highly experienced team of recruiters
  • Transparent communication and interviewing mechanism
  • Competitive and fixed prices without any hidden charges at all
  • Continual support for scaling up and team augmentation
  • Awareness of modern trends and technologies
  • And much more

In the contemporary digital ecosystem, the transition to cloud platforms like Oracle is not just a trend but a fundamental shift. Companies are ardently seeking Oracle Cloud Consultants, experts who understand the intricacies of cloud infrastructure and can guide a seamless transition. Their expertise ranges from cloud migration strategies to optimizing cost and performance within the Oracle environment. For businesses unsure of where to begin or how to navigate the complex waters of cloud transformation, finding a CTO specialist can offer a starting point. A seasoned CTO, with comprehensive knowledge of both business and technology, can play an instrumental role in identifying the right Oracle Cloud Consultant, ensuring the business leverages the full potential of its digital transformation.

How Does Our Recruiting Process for Oracle Cloud Consultant Work?

Our recruiting process to hire Salesforce consultant or an Oracle consultant is based on the following steps:

  1. Searching – We search consultants based on the requirements of our client through social media, job portals, referrals, and local databases.
  2. Shortlisting – Our team shortlists the candidates based on the required work experience levels.
  3. Interviewing – We conduct multiple interviews in collaboration with our client for final selection.
  4. Offering – The selected candidates are offered jobs through an offer letter by our team.
  5. Contracting – Our team signs a detailed job contract with the hired candidate.
  6. Onboarding – We introduce hired candidates to company workflows and existing teams.

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