Enable your business with the power of dedicated remote Azure consultants to materialize your business objectives through comprehensive cloud solutions ranging from cloud strategy consulting through seamless deployment and continual monitoring of your business processes on Azure cloud platform.

How Can Microsoft Azure Consultants Platform Can Help Businesses?

According to Statista information, Microsoft Azure is one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms in recent years with the second-largest share of 22% in the global cloud market. This substantial growth is driven by numerous features, capabilities, and benefits it offers to the enterprise such as:

  • Greater reliability – Azure cloud is a highly reliable network sectorized into multiple regions and local data centers across the globe. It has fail-over and regional options to choose along numerous other integrated capabilities such as rolling reboot, hot/cold standby, self-healing, and others that make it one of the reliable clouds in the world.
  • Cost-competitiveness – Choosing for Azure cloud reduces the operational and development cost significantly in the shape of pay-as-you-go billing model, volume discounts, free trials, Microsoft Azure consultant salary, and others.
  • Robust security – Azure cloud is powered by a huge community of security experts of Microsoft Corporation that provides robust preemptive and real-time security through multiple layers and modules. It also offers Azure Single Sign-in capabilities that removes other complexities of security such as using VPNs, fobs, and digital keys.
  • Higher performance – Azure cloud is a high performing platform with features of faster speed, powerful backbone network, regionalized data centers, and many other factors that improve the performance of the network.
  • Industry compliance – Microsoft Azure follows all international regulations and industry standards and implements them on the Azure cloud with 100% transparency, rules, and compliance. It also helps clients maintain all major standards, rules, governance, and regulations applicable for all verticals.

Microsoft Azure Consulting Services We Provide

The specialized Azure consultant team we hire for our clients provides support in Azure database consulting, Azure DevOps consulting, and other types of consulting support through following professional-grade services.

azure consulting services

#1. Azure Integration

The Azure specialists we hire can manage all kinds of pre- and post-cutover activities with a detailed migration plan consisting of different phases, prioritization of activities, step-by-step procedure, and backup/reverting plan. Our company, acting as an Azure advisory partner, provides fully managed integration through readiness, testing, piloting, and monitoring activities with the help of Azure migration consultants we recruit for our clients.

#2. Azure Apps for Scalable Operations

The consulting services provided by the specialists we hire can help our clients build a complete all-in-one business platform powered by the Azure cloud and its related applications. The Azure consultant roles & responsibilities make sure that the cloud resources purchased on Azure Cloud such as compute, storage, servers, applications, supportive tools, and platforms are properly optimized and are used at the optimum levels to scale the operations of our client with great performance and better business bottom lines.

#3. Application Modernization

The trends and demands of users on cloud-based applications keep changing, our team of Azure cloud big data consultant and data analytics reposition and transition the application by introducing new features and capability to modernize them in line with the existing trends and demands.

#4. Managed Azure

The Azure consultants we recruit provide fully managed services that include the consulting services for performance enhancement, modernization of features, monitoring of speed, quality, and user experience. The managed Azure services include the management of remote operations, support activities, consultancy, and others.

#5. Security and Compliance

With the help of modern tools and analytics applications, the team we hire for our clients figures out the issues related to cybersecurity and regulatory compliance and also provides a detailed roadmap to achieve high levels of security and industry compliance.

Sample CV of Azure Architecture Consultant

cv sample of azure architecture consultant

Why Our Azure Cloud Consulting Services Stand Out from Competitors?

Our expert-level service offers numerous benefits and desirable characteristics that make us stand out from our competitors such as:

  • Domain expertise in hiring Azure Cloud specialists
  • Provide end-to-end cloud solutions
  • Offer competitive prices without any hidden charges
  • Access to a huge pool of tech-talent
  • High quality services in line with European standards
  • Fully managed services with 100% reliability
  • Faster scalability
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Step-by-Step Process of Hiring an Azure Networking Consultant with Us

Whether we recruit an SAP consultant, Azure consultant or app developers in Ukraine we take the predefined standard procedure to recruit as mentioned below:

  1. Assessment – Our team assesses the requirements of our clients and builds a suitable solution.
  2. Sourcing – We use multiple channels such as social media, local databases, job portals, and referrals to search skill-based suitable consultants.
  3. Shortlisting – Our team shortlists the relevant candidates through multiple tools and criteria.
  4. Interviewing – In coordination with our client, we conduct multiple rounds of interviews to finalize a hire.
  5. Offering – We send offer letters to candidates after approval from clients.
  6. Contracting – Our team signs a contract with a candidate for completing the hiring process.
  7. Onboarding – Finally, our team introduces the newly hired consultant with the existing team, workflow, and processes of the company.

If you are looking for Azure consulting help for your business, get in touch with us and learn how to hire Azure consultants remotely!

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