Let your business expand its potential, productivity, and performance by materializing the benefits of using a virtual Amazon AWS consultant team we hire remotely in Ukraine for you.

Top Benefits Your Business Gets by Using AWS Cloud Consulting

According to Statista information, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the market leader with a whopping share of over 32% in the global cloud computing domain. AWS is a gigantic technological ecosystem that includes a wide range of software tools, platforms, services, development support, and domain-specific capabilities, which are very useful for technology-driven businesses in numerous industries. Using cloud platform of industry-leading company offers:

aws consulting benefits
  • Unified solution – Based on numerous applications, services, and tools offered by Amazon cloud, an AWS solution architect consultant can build a comprehensive solution for any kind of business. You get access to storage, hosting, infrastructure, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), networking, software development and many other services on one single platform.  
  • Cost-efficiency – AWS cloud helps to save you substantial cost due to its rich commercial and technical features such as no-upfront cost, modular service pricing, volume discounts, pay for what you use, and many others. Amazon web services consulting services costs comparatively less than other complex services due to the availability of a large global pool of AWS advisory consultant and experts.
  • Robust security – Amazon cloud infrastructure and allied cloud services are fully compliant to the international industry standards pertaining to the security and reliability. It also allows certain configuration options to users for boosting cybersecurity. AWS manages robust security setup through a cross-discipline team of AWS security consulting professionals.
  • Scalability – AWS cloud platform allows you to scale up as well as scale down your requirements very fast without any lock-ins or bindings. You can increase cloud resources as need increases and decrease the resources when workload reduces.
  • Reliability – AWS platform provides higher level of reliability due uninterrupted operations, better performance, and self-healing ecosystem with preemptive security capabilities.

Major AWS Consulting Services We Provide

Our cloud computing consulting services company specializes in providing a wide range of professional-grade specialists who can offer consultancy for AWS technology services to the enterprises of all sizes and sectors from across the globe such as:

AWS Consulting Services

#1. Cloud Strategy

Whether you are a startup or a large organization, the consultants we recruit for your AWS consulting requirements provide you with a professional-grade cloud strategy that addresses all cloud-related issues your business faces and also offers suitable solutions to help your business flourish smoothly. The team of AWS security, DevOps, and AWS networking consultants we hire for our clients analyze existing cloud, build a future plan, choose the right set of cloud services and infrastructure, identify potential roadblocks, and develop a comprehensive strategy for smooth sailing through all odds. The dedicated team of AWS certified consultant hired for our clients designs a strategy based on an optimized solution out of IaaS, SaaS, platforms, development methodologies, and other resources on AWS cloud platform.

#2. Cloud Migration

The specialized team of AWS data migration consultant and experts we hire helps enterprises in migrating their on-premises as well as other cloud-based servers, applications, databases, content resources, websites, and other business processes to AWS cloud seamlessly without any glitches and performance degradation. We focus on recruiting specialized consultants for providing our clients end-to-end solutions with a proper migration plan consisting of multiple phases and step-by-step activities by choosing the most suitable AWS services, tools and capabilities to enhance performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in your technical operations. The AWS security assurance consultant team we recruit can help you migrate your data, apps, servers, and other cloud resources from any other cloud platform to the AWS cloud without compromising on cybersecurity standards at all.

#3. Cloud Security

Cloud security is another important domain in which we serve our clients professionally with the help of our cybersecurity team of AWS senior security consultant and security specialists. When you migrate your IT infrastructure to AWS cloud, you need to safeguard the data of your customers as well as your valuable enterprise data, and business processes. Consultants we recruit for you can support you to build a unified strategy for multilayer cybersecurity, industry-standard compliance, remote worker protection, preemptive measures for emerging threats, preventive security measures in a multi-cloud complex environment. The AWS DevOps consulting team we provide can also help enterprises in establishing robust mechanisms for continual operations and development without compromising on security matters.  

#4. Cloud Optimization

Cloud environment is a large and complex environment powered by a large number of additional tools, applications, platforms, services, and standards. To make them work coherently in a unified ecosystem, you need to tweak and streamline numerous processes, actions, configurations, integrations, storage, and other cloud resources. We can help enterprises optimize the entire AWS cloud ecosystem to increase performance, efficiency, scalability, flexibility, conformability, and productivity with the help of a cross-functional team of AWS big data consultant, quality assurance engineers, developers, and others. Our  recruited team can help automate repetitive processes, remove performance bottlenecks, and clean source codes in line with the industry standards to achieve the faster ROI, greater customer satisfaction, and desired business bottom lines

#5. Cloud Operations Management and Cloud Managed Services

Cloud operations consist of a wide range of processes such as process performance monitoring, modification in configurations, maintaining quality and industry standards, designing standard operating procedures (SOPs), maintaining operational and communicational transparency, and many others. The team we recruit for you can provide quality support for maintaining all cloud operations through pre-designed operational strategy with the help of our team of full-time or part time AWS consultant, operations specialists, AWS eCommerce consultant, and cloud experts. The team we provide to our clients help enterprises in building SLA-based activities, implementing IT operations and service management (ITOM/ITSM) platforms, deploying state-of-the-art tools to enhance the quality and performance of the cloud environment.

#6. Cloud Data & Analytics

According to McKinsey research, more than 85% of the businesses that use data analytics to achieve deeper insight into customer behavior are more successful than their competitors and achieve over 25% more gross margin. The team we hire for you helps businesses achieve deeper insight into big cloud data and analytics powered by modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with the help of a specialized team of AWS big data consultants, data scientists, and business intelligence experts. The expert services of the team we hire for our clients enable organizations to mine valuable data to build data-driven strategies for marketing, technical solutions, market analysis, future projections, and others. The experts we recruit can help implement the latest tools for cloud data analytics for tuning business strategy, digital transformation, and future prospects.

hire remote cloud consultant aws

Why Hire an AWS Cloud Consultant from Ukraine?

There are numerous good reasons for hiring an AWS cloud consultant or an AWS startup consultant in any kind/size of company using AWS cloud such as:

  • Proper assessment of required cloud resources
  • Better operational and security strategy
  • Reduces the operational cost through optimized use of cloud resources
  • Builds a proper policy for cloud resource scaling up/down
  • Figures out the weakness, bottlenecks, and roadblocks in cloud-based processes
  • Develops proper plans for overcoming the shortcomings in the cloud ecosystem
  • Helps improve the efficiency and productivity of the cloud resources
  • Enables enterprises choose the right and trendy tools for process automation
  • Efficient use of all features, functions, and capabilities of cloud infrastructure and allied tools
  • Helps improve user experience and customer satisfaction through improved performance
  • Establishes benchmarks for procedural, operational, and security standards
  • And much more

Ukraine is one of the most attractive destination for hiring AWS cloud consultants, Google cloud platform consultant, and cloud consultants for numerous other platforms due to the following reasons:

  • Tech-talent pool – Ukraine has one of the largest tech-talent pools in the region with over 200 thousand IT specialists.
  • Cost-efficiency – The rates of hiring AWS consultants in Ukraine are very competitive.
  • Quality – Ukraine offers high-quality services in line with European quality standards
  • Market size – There are over 100 cloud consulting service provider companies and counting in Ukraine
  • Ideal location – Being situated in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is easy to travel from all main regions of the world
  • IT infrastructure – Ukraine has a reliable and robust IT infrastructure for interruption free communication and operations of processes and activities remotely
  • Trustworthiness – Population of Ukraine is trustworthy with professional mindset

Sample of AWS Consultant Resume

Sample CV of AWS Consultant

Why Choose Us as a Provider of Dedicated AWS Consulting Engineers?

  • Domain specialty – We specialize in recruiting AWS cloud consulting professionals for a wide range of industries
  • Quality service – Our team offers high quality services that your business deserves
  • Tech-talent pool – We are based in Kyiv, Ukraine, which has an estimated pool of over 200,000 IT professionals to choose from
  • Competitive charges – Our company offers highly competitive and transparent prices without any hidden charges at all
  • Unified solution – We provide fully managed and comprehensive HR recruiting and consultancy solution under one roof
  • Continual support – Our professional team helps our clients continuously to expand teams as the requirements or workload increases

How Does Our Cloud Computing Consulting Services Work?

We are an AWS consulting company that helps clients from diverse countries, businesses, industries, and categories in searching and recruiting top-notch technical talent, especially the AWS cloud consultants, engineers, and developers remotely. Our expert team accomplishes Amazon web services virtual consulting and recruiting services through the following steps:

  1. Requirement analysis – Our team collects requirements from clients and analyzes to suggest a suitable solution.
  2. Sourcing – In this step, our team searches for the candidates with the required skills through multiple sources such as social media, referrals, job portals, databases, and others
  3. Shortlisting – The shortlisting is done based on the criteria of quality and performance to filter the skilled candidates for further proceedings by our team.
  4. Interviewing – Multiple interviews are conducted by our specialist team in collaboration with our client for finalizing the AWS consultants for hire.
  5. Offering – Once client approves the hires, we issue an offer letter to the selected candidate
  6. Contracting – A contract with detailed terms and conditions and other information is gotten signed by our team from the selected candidate in this step.
  7. Onboarding – Our team introduces the hired candidate with the existing team and workflow of the company.

If you are looking for building a virtual team of AWS specialists, get in touch with us and learn how to hire AWS consultants now!

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