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We are the provider of highly reliable and professional-grade cloud computing consulting and specialized tech-talent hiring services for a wide range of clients in numerous fields such as information and communication technology (ICT), healthcare, eCommerce, SaaS services, and many others. Our expert services company is located in Kyiv, Ukraine, which is one of the most attractive outsourcing destinations for cloud computing consulting and hiring services. We help enterprises across the globe with sourcing and hiring highly qualified, skilled, and experienced cloud computing consultants and specialists at very cost-effective rates.

Our professional-grade support specializes in hiring a wide range of consultants such as DevOps consultant, Google Cloud Platform specialists, hybrid cloud IBM consultant, Azure migration consultants, Salesforce service cloud consultant, Amazon Web Services consulting specialists, and many others.

Services Provided by Cloud Consultants & Specialists We Hire

We are experts at hiring the most suitable consultants that can deal with a wide range of consultancy services such as cloud adoption, migration, implementation, and cloud security consulting services. Our professional team is able to find and hire highly expert consultants for all major cloud platforms in the marketplace. The main services offered by the consultants we hire are mentioned below:

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is one of the most critical processes in which you need to conduct a thorough study and assessment of all business processes, IT infrastructure, present systems and available resources before you plan for the migration. You need to build a comprehensive plan for migration from one cloud platform to another one or from on-premises service to a cloud platform. The cloud migration consulting professionals we hire can perform the following services related to cloud migration:

  • Assessing and analyzing the existing scenario of web services or websites
  • Providing the most suitable solution for migrating from the existing platform
  • Offer help in choosing the right cloud computing platform
  • Planning a comprehensive migration plan
  • Carrying out service migration activities smoothly
  • Maintaining the post migration performance and activities

Cloud Architecture Audit

Cloud architecture audit is a highly sophisticated process in the domain of cloud computing business models. It is a comprehensive study of the entire architecture of cloud-based services or workloads. This is the first step towards considering cloud optimization, migration, or changes in the core architecture. This process covers collecting information about all components such as software, hardware, apps, tools, and other customized APIs, and assessing their performance, usage of resources, and possible solutions to the problems. This process also figures out the weaknesses and strengths of the cloud architecture in use.

Irrespective of which consulting professional such as VMWare consultants, DevOps strategy consulting experts, or even AWS consulting professional we hire for our valued clients can perform all major activities falling in the category of cloud architecture auditing.

Cloud Optimization

Cloud optimization is a process of tweaking the cloud solutions in such a way that they provide the highest possible efficiency, minimal wastage of resources, reduced errors in operations, and improved performance. It is done by scrutinizing the entire software infrastructure as well as the cloud infrastructure, associated tools, and other resources used by the application or workload. The optimization process removes the glitches, bottlenecks, and errors in the applications and cloud configuration so that they perform at the optimum levels. Whether we hire an Azure consultant or a Cisco cloud consulting specialist for our valued customer, they can provide a professional-level cloud optimization service. The cloud computing experts we hire can perform the following activities related to the cloud computing optimization services:

  • Proper analysis of the existing cloud resources and application environments
  • Figuring out the issues and bottlenecks in the systems and applications
  • Calculating the optimum resources required for the workload
  • Scaling up and down the resources for efficient use
  • Continuous monitoring for the performance and resource consumption
  • Adjusting the service parameters to the required level of quality
  • Forecasting the increased or decreased demand in certain conditions

SaaS Development

SaaS development services are mostly focused on the software development, testing, implementing, and monitoring by following the latest software development methodologies and platforms. The software development is mostly focused on the Software as a Service (SaaS) products and services using the modern technologies and the cutting-edge cloud computing resources. The SaaS DevOps consulting professionals and experts that we hire for our clients can perform the following activities in the SaaS development services category:

  • Developing fast-loading web applications for cloud
  • Building interactive and responsive software for SaaS model
  • Using the latest development methodologies to implement CD/CI model
  • Integrating multiple business process models such as CRM, ERP, CMS, and others
  • Developing APIs for integration of customized tools
  • Creating domain-specific software tools
  • And many others

DevOps Consulting

DevOps is a modern concept in software development and operations for developing cohesion and consistency in the efforts for continual improvement. This methodology comprehensively combines the processes in both software development and software services operations, especially in the modern cloud computing models. It brings speed, smoothness, agility, scalability, predictability, collaboration, and consistency in both operations and software development. The DevOps consultancy experts or a DevOps implementation consultant we hire for our clients can perform the following activities related to the DevOps domain:

  • Monitoring the performance of newly released code or function
  • Conducting performance analysis and getting user feedback
  • Planning for the improvement in the code or function
  • Scaling up the resources in certain given condition of cloud services
  • Testing the code for desired functional objectives
  • Deploying the newly released builds faster
  • Carrying out provisioning infrastructure functions
  • Automating numerous traditional functions
  • Adopting new tools and automation technologies in processes

Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption is the process of embracing the concept of putting the data, services, and virtual products into the cloud or on the internet rather than handling them traditionally on-premises. The cloud adoption needs a comprehensive DevOps automation consulting services that will steer the companies through the entire complex process. Cloud adoption is a comprehensive strategy for the companies to improve the service efficiency, reduce the wastage of computing resources, enhance flexibility and scalability, and reduce the cost and risk.

A wide range of professionals such as Microsoft cloud consulting experts, cloud consultants Salesforce, IBM cloud management and operations consulting professionals, or any other cloud consultants that we hire for our clients can perform the following cloud adoption related activities professionally:

  • Building a secure and reliable solutions based on hybrid cloud platform
  • Planning proper security policies and cloud resource adoption policy
  • Creating a proper authorization and authority domains for different business partners and users simultaneously on a single hybrid cloud platform
  • Choosing the right cloud computing services
  • Using the features and capabilities of cloud models effectively
  • Developing and implementing other policies and strategies regarding the cloud adoption

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud infrastructure management is the process to configure, modify, deploy, monitor, and plan suitable change management. This process starts from the designing of the infrastructure, configuration with required features, deploying suitable software tools for automation and continuous help. Infrastructure management is very important for modern businesses to manage their processes in the cloud environment.

We hire high quality AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, and Oracle cloud consulting professionals for our clients that are fully capable to provide the following services in the cloud infrastructure management domain:

  • Configuration of cloud infrastructure for launching secure services
  • Continuous monitoring and modification of the parameters of the cloud platform
  • Adding latest tools for improving performance, security, and reliability of services
  • Exploiting the features and capabilities of cloud infrastructure at the fullest
  • Design and migrate the deployment over the cloud infrastructure

Miscellaneous Services

Other than the specific cloud processes and technical activities, the consultants we hire like an Adobe marketing cloud consulting expert or a Salesforce marketing cloud consultant can also perform other different activities used in the modern models of cloud computing services to increase the business bottom lines of our clients. A few of such miscellaneous activities performed by the consultants we hire include:

  • Helping improve the marketing and sales campaigns and strategies
  • Resolving a wide range of technical issues faced by different departments in an organization
  • Adjusting the needs and constraints of different teams into the cloud policy
  • Optimizing the back-end resources to improve efficiency of other business processes
  • And many others

Cloud Computing Consultant Expertise in Diverse Platforms

We are an expert company that specializes in hiring the professionals for a wide range of cloud domains to work with. We use different approaches for hiring the most suitable cloud computing consultants that are able to provide expert-level services in their respective cloud computing platform environments. We are expert at hiring cloud computing consultants in the following categories:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consultant

Amazon Web Services or AWS is the industry leader in cloud computing service provisioning. It offers a wide range of cloud computing services under different models of cloud computing businesses such as SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and others. We hire a qualified AWS consultant for providing highly professional-level AWS cloud consulting services to our clients. Our specialized hiring service uses numerous screening tools, professionally-designed criteria, and sourcing methods to hire the most matching AWS consultants for our customers. We search for suitable candidates from a wide range of tech-talent databases, social media, professional websites, job portals, and others. The screening and scrutinizing of candidates is done through numerous automated tools as well as manual processes. We take special care of the relevant certifications and diplomas along with experience in the AWS cloud environment. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultants

Salesforce cloud platform is available in two major modules for automating and improving productivity and efficiency of the important business processes. Those two modules include Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud. Sales cloud allows enterprises to automate numerous business processes with the help of a Salesforce certified sales cloud consultant by using the available tools and applications at the Salesforce cloud platform. The Service Cloud is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform for managing the customer support and technical helpdesk services. The salesforce cloud consultants that we hire for our clients are highly capable of handling all cloud-based automation processes and customize the development in such a way to achieve full benefits from the Salesforce cloud platform.

Google Cloud Consultant (GCP)

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the most popular and feature-rich cloud platforms in all domains, especially in telecommunication, internet and software, media and entertainment, and eCommerce fields. We choose the experts from numerous online and private databases of partners so that we can find out the right GCP consulting experts for our clients for handling all technical and business processes involved in building, deploying, and operating professional level cloud services on the GCP platform. Our team is very well aware of the processes, businesses, and technicalities involved in Google cloud consulting services to find fully matching tech-talent for this job.

Microsoft Azure Consultant

Our specialized services are also very specific to hire Azure consultant and Azure consulting specialists for managing all cloud related activities in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Microsoft Azure, commonly referred to as Azure, is one of the fastest-growing cloud computing platforms powered by Microsoft Corporation, a giant in the software market. Our team makes sure that professionals that they hire have proper certification, diploma, industry experience, and all required personal skills to deliver professional-level Azure advisory services to our valued client.

IBM Consultants

We are a specialist company in hiring full stack IBM cloud consultants for our clients. Our hiring service is expert in finding and hiring the most matching IBM cloud consulting professionals that can provide high quality IBM cloud advisory services to our clients. We hire IBM consultants that are fully aware of a wide range of IBM cloud services offered by the company. IBM offers over 170 cloud-based products for its cloud customers. We make sure that the consultants we hire are aware of many of those services/products.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Consultants

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is one of the next generation public cloud platforms, which allow businesses of all types to build and operate highly secure and reliable cloud-based applications. Our team specializes in hiring Oracle cloud applications consultant and experts that have in-depth knowledge in the OCI environment. The Oracle consultants are also scrutinized based on prior experience in managing modern infrastructure in the OCI ecosystem.

SAP Cloud Platform Consultants

SAP cloud platform is one of the professional clouds based on Platform as a Service (PaaS) model. It has inbuilt SAP HANA, Cloud Foundry, and types of software development support for numerous modern technologies, which DevSecOps consulting professionals mostly use for improving the security and reliability of an application in cloud environment. We hire a wide range of experts such as remote SAP marketing cloud consulting specialist, SAP cloud consultant, and others for our clients to achieve all possible benefits of SAP Cloud Platform.

Other Cloud Infrastructure Consulting Specialists

Other than the above-mentioned cloud platforms, there are many other domain-specific cloud-based platforms that are extensively used in different models of cloud computing. Among such cloud services, VMware, Adobe, Cisco, and other platforms are a few very important ones to name. Our specialized hiring services are capable of sourcing and hiring numerous other types of consultants that can provide a wide range of services such as VMware consulting services, Cisco networking services, Adobe marketing services, and many others.

What Makes Us Stand Out in Providing Cloud Consultancy Experts in the Market

We are Ukraine-based provider of professional hiring services in the field of cloud computing consultancy and development. We offer a wide range of standard hiring solutions as well as customized solutions to our valued clients that make us stand out from the other market competitors not only in the country but also in the global environment. A few of those characteristics and features of our specialized services are mentioned below:

  • Dedicated team building. We specialize in building, extending, and streamlining fully dedicated teams for our customers in line with the unique requirements of our client.
  • Full-time consultant hiring. Normally, outsourcing is considered as a functional service, but we hire full-time cloud computing consultants for our clients to provide an extra layer of reliability, confidence, and trust.
  • Competitive prices. Our company offers highly competitive rates for hiring highly qualified and skilled cloud consultants as compared to many of our competitors in the marketplace.
  • Access to huge qualified professionals. We have access to a huge pool of tech-talent. Our team uses a wide range of sourcing channels for exploiting the potential of that large pool of experts to find out the most suitable consultant for our client.
  • Quality and confidence simultaneously. Our services are fully managed and powered by the professional management team to enhance the confidence of clients for greater success. We maintain the latest quality standards accepted in the world.

How Do Our Consultant Hiring for Cloud Advisory Services Work?

Our hiring service for cloud computing consultancy field runs very simple based on a few very intuitive and easy to follow steps as mentioned below:

Requirement analysis

Client provides the requirements; our recruiting team assesses and analyzes the requirement for a suitable solution.

Consultants’ sourcing

Our professional recruiters search for the suitable candidates by using numerous sourcing channels such as referral, social media, databases, partners, job portals, and others.

Shortlisting resumes

In this step, we shortlist the resumes for a large number of relevant CVs collected in the second step. 


The interview process is conducted by our hiring and technical experts to scrutinize skills, experience, qualification, knowledge, and personal attributes of the consultants.


After the successful completion of interviews, we seek approval from our clients. After approval, we offer the job through an offer letter.


Once the offer is accepted by the candidate, we go into the contract signing process to finalize the hiring. Our team sends a detailed contract with terms and conditions to the candidate and we get it signed from the hired candidate.


Finally, we onboard the hired consultants through orientation and introduction to the team and tasks.

Why Choose Ukraine for Hiring a Cloud Migration & Implementation Consultant?

Ukraine is one of the brightest destinations for the outsourced hiring and team building services in the global marketplace. There are numerous great reasons for the enterprises from all over the world to choose Ukraine as the outsourcing hub for hiring cloud migration and implementation consultants and other cloud computing experts. A few of those great reasons are mentioned below:

  • Higher quality/price ratio. Ukraine offers a higher ratio of quality and price as compared to many of its competitor destinations in the world. Professionals in Ukraine maintain very high quality of their work with very competitive prices to provide a greater quality/price ratio for the clients from all over the world.
  • Robust education ecosystem. A very robust and high-quality education system is in place in Ukraine, especially the higher education at university level produces highly skilled and qualified professionals to shine in the professional fields.
  • Tech-savvy population. Ukraine is among those few countries in the world that has a huge tech-savvy population. They adopt technologies and innovation very fast.
  • Huge pool of tech-talent. Ukraine has a huge pool of technical professionals, especially in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). There are over 200 thousand IT professionals in the country.
  • Ideal location. Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe, which is the central location for all major countries and regions across the globe.
  • Shared culture. Ukraine shares culture and language with European and North American countries in terms of work ethics, social behavior, and other norms of daily life. The Ukrainian population possesses a good level of fluency in the English language for effective communication.

If you are looking for specialized IT outstaffing services for cloud specialists, get in touch and learn how to hire cloud computing consultant in Ukraine!

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