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Top Capabilities of SAP HANA Consultant Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) is a feature-rich and next-generation Platform as a Service (PaaS) platform that uses the modern capabilities and cutting-edge technologies integrated in SAP (High Performance Analytics Appliance) platform. The share of SAP in the global market is 0.03% but it is used by very big companies to manage multiple business processes comprehensively on a single platform. According to Forbes, 91% of the Fortune 2000 are SAP customers. The most common features and capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform include:

  • SAP integration suite – This set of capabilities is by an SAP implementation consultant team to deploy a wide range of SAP modules, exclusive products, and applications through a wide range of platform features such as API management, Smart Data Integration, Cloud Integration, and others. An SAP basis consulting service ensures that applications and servers have been deployed and configured correctly with the help of a specialized SAP ABAP consultant by checking codes in Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) language.
  • Data-driven insight – Insight into the behavior of customers, markets, and changing trends is a key factor to the success of modern businesses. SAP HANA cloud offers a large set of capabilities, which can be exploited by an SAP Hybris consultant to achieve the objectives of modern eCommerce businesses. The most common tools and apps to have a data-driven deeper insight into the business horizons include SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Web Analytics, SAP Edge Service, SAP Data Intelligence, Streaming Analytics, IoT, and many others.
  • Enterprise Extension Suite – SAP cloud offers a wide range of tools such as Data Quality Management, Data Enrichment, Business Application Studio, Tax Service, ABAP Environment, and others for building a comprehensive automation. A professional-level SAP ABAP consultancy helps enterprises to build a fully automated business ecosystem integrated into the SAP cloud by using the advanced capabilities of SAP S/4HANA.  
  • Unified digital experience – SAP and SAP HANA combinedly offer a unified experience of digitalization and automation through numerous functions and capabilities such as SAP Conventional AI, SAP Fiori Cloud, SAP Build, Mobile Service, Digital Document, SAP UI5, and many others. The digital experience can be achieved through comprehensive planning by a specialized SAP BPC consultant with the help of Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) software and allied tools.
  • Intelligence Business Process Automation (BAM) – The management of existing business processes in an integrated digital environment is another very powerful capability of SAP Cloud. SAP cloud consulting exploits this capability extensively to build a highly integrated and automated ecosystem of business process management with the help of numerous integrated tools such as SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, Workflow, Process Visibility, and many others.

Major SAP Consulting Services We Provide

We recruit professionals that specialize in consultancy for SAP HANA Cloud platform and allied technical and functional solutions. Our SAP consulting company offers a wide range of services such as:

major sap consulting services

#1. SAP Deployment Planning

Our company recruits skilled specialists that provide you with a detailed plan for implementation of SAP cloud, which provides the desired business objectives, addresses possible challenges, and the ways to address those challenges. The team we recruit for our clients chooses the most suitable SAP ERP modules and platforms such as ByDesign, BusinessOne, and the proprietary applications your business uses.   

#2. Data Migration Consultancy

The SAP consultants we hire offer a unified data migration consultancy that covers understanding the existing sources of your business data such as servers, databases, third-party apps, websites, and other systems. The SAP cloud analytics consulting team our company recruits for our clients develops a comprehensive plan for migrating that data to SAP cloud seamlessly while maintaining high-level security and integrity of data. This entire migration process is governed by a step-by-step procedure for migration as well as reversion in case of any uneven condition arises.

#3. SAP Security Consulting Service

Security plays a very critical role in smooth operations of any business in the cloud. The security consulting services offered by the professional SAP security consultant team we recruit for our clients analyze the entire data, apps, network, and other resources on SAP Cloud for any kinds of vulnerabilities and designs a proper plan to remove those vulnerabilities and enhance the security of the entire system. The specialized consultants we hire develop data-driven security mechanisms that ingest threat intelligence, emerging security threats, security trends, and other factors comprehensively.

#4. Remote Recruiting Services

The recruitment services of our company for providing remote SAP consulting services to our clients is a fully-managed human resource recruitment solution that enhances the productivity, performance, and business bottom lines of your business. We assess your HR needs for SAP cloud and propose a very suitable solution that satisfies all requirements of your business. Our team also searches and recruits the most skilled and qualified consultants for your systems remotely.  

#5. Operations Management

Another important domain of our professional-grade SAP advisory services is operations management consultancy. We help you build a dedicated remote team for managing your entire operations management processes to maintain high level of quality, efficiency, reliability, and smoothness. The remote team of specialists we recruit builds operations management solutions based on customized key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreement (SLA) documents for maintaining transparency, traceability, and responsible governance.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Certified SAP Consultant

The most important roles and responsibilities of a certified SAP ERP consulting specialist include:

  • Comprehensive understanding on how to use niche SAP modules and related tools in SAP HANA Cloud environment
  • Design and develop a unified SAP solution by considering system limitations, choosing right SAP modules, tools, third-party apps.
  • Building and implementing monitoring, continual improvement, and operations and management plans
  • Planning and monitoring SAP solution deployment, data migration, configuration, customization, and performance tracking.

Sample CV of Technical Consultant SAP Cloud

sample cv of technical consultant sap cloud

Salaries of an SAP Consultant in Diverse Countries

The average salaries of hiring SAP consultants for cloud advisory services vary from country to country and region to region across the globe as shown in the table:

Country SAP Consultant Average Salary

It is very clear that hiring SAP cloud consultants in the USA is the costliest and in the Western European countries, the cost is a bit lower than in the USA. The average salaries of SAP consultants in the Eastern European countries, especially Ukraine, are much more competitive than all other countries in the table.

Remote SAP Consulting Specialists Vs Freelancers Vs In-House Employees

The comparison of remote SAP consultant, freelancer, and in-house SAP consultant in terms of a wide range of comparing factors is shown in the following table:

remote SAP consultant vs in-house SAP consultant vs freelancer

If you analyze all comparing factors in a holistic lens, you would find that hiring a dedicated SAP consultant is the best option for businesses in terms of reliability, control, cost, quality, and many other desirable factors, which are very imperative for a successful business.

hire remote SAP consultant

How Our Company Helps You Finding an Ideal SAP Functional Consultant?

Our company helps you in hiring a wide range of consultants such as an SAP functional consultant, Oracle cloud consultant, and other SAP specialists through the following simple process:

  • Client requirements – Our team collects and assesses the requirements of clients and proposes a suitable recruitment solution.
  • Talent sourcing – We search the candidates based on the required skills from numerous sources such as social media, job portals, referrals, and other databases
  • Shortlisting – The recruiting experts at our company shortlist the candidates based on certain experience and expertise through professional tools.
  • Interviewing – In collaboration with our clients, we conduct a series of interviews to finalize the SAP consultant for hire.
  • Offering – We send an offer letter to selected candidate for his consent
  • Contracting – A detailed contract is signed with the hired candidate after receiving offer acceptance.
  • Onboarding – Our team introduces the hired candidate with workflows and existing teams for taking further tasks.

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