Provide lightning speed to the cloud-based product lifecycle including software development, operations management, and data-driven continual improvement through our specialized DevOps consultancy to create cohesion in cross-functional teams, remove silos, and enhance code testing coverage and effectiveness transparently.

Top Reasons Your Project May Need Services of Agile DevOps Consultant

Streamlining the product lifecycle including development, operations, and quality control is the core component of DevOps consultant roles and responsibilities. It offers numerous reasons to have a powerful consultant in Agile development ecosystem such as:

  • Breaking silos – A DevOps consultant helps break the isolated processes in software coding, testing, product operations, quality assurance, customer care, and other domains through an integrated approach for the entire product-lifecycle via a cross-functional team.
  • Faster time to market – An Azure DevOps consultant along with other consultants enables the enterprises launch products, updates, releases, and builds faster to remain one-step ahead of the market.
  • Automation – Replacing manual processes in multi-cloud environments with automated processes such as troubleshooting, performance monitoring, testing, customer feedback, and other repetitive processes is another important reason to have a GCP, Azure or AWS DevOps consultant in your team.
  • Uniformity – DevOps specialists create a uniformity of configuration, performance, alerting, and other parameters in all major environments such as production, testing, operations, and development.
  • Enhanced collaboration – DevOps consultants such as Salesforce, AWS, and IBM DevOps consultant improve collaboration and coordination among a cross-functional team to contribute their best in the entire lifecycle of software products.

Main Services Provided by DevOps Engineer Consultant We Hire

We recruit an expert and experienced DevOps engineer consultant that can provide a wide range of services such as:

devops consulting services

End-to-End DevOps Implementation Consulting

A DevOps implementation consultant we hire can perform numerous activities required for an end-to-end implementation solution such as forming continuous integration and development (CI/CD) pipelines, adding automated testing and monitoring, deploying containerization for application module, implementing infra as a code (IaaC), and many others.  

DevOps Launch Consulting

Building a comprehensive strategy for application deployment roadmap, designing DevOps solution, selecting the right tools, and training the team for required skills is one of the main services offered by the staff we hire.

DevOps Project Recovery Consulting

Enhancing the quality of code, identifying bugs and security issues, increasing test coverage, improving performance, and managing project changes, are a few major services provided by the cloud migration consulting and DevOps specialists we recruit.

DevOps Automation Consulting

Creating a unified automation roadmap at different processes such as data collection, pipe execution, code creation, testing, deployment, and monitoring quality and performance is the responsibility of DevOps consultants.

Agile Methodology & DevOps

The consultants we hire create a synchronized ecosystem between DevOps and Agile software development methodology, which is based on short-sprints of development incorporating continuous feedback and performance.

DevOps & Security

The DevOps consultants we hire help build a cohesive ecosystem that implements all standard practices and rules related to security to avoid the existence of any security vulnerabilities in the application.

Other Consulting Services

The DevOps consultants we recruit are also able to provide numerous other types of consultancies such as Azure, GCP, AWS, and Salesforce consulting along with Kubernetes, VMware, and others.

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Major Challenges Solved by Advisory DevOps Specialists We Hire

The Advisory DevOps specialists we recruit can solve the major challenges such as:

  • Culture adoption – The consultants we hire provide training, skills, and tools for smooth adoption of DevOps culture.
  • Tool selection – The DevOps consultants we provide select the right tools, technology, platforms, and infrastructure.
  • Transitioning – Challenges associated with modernization, optimization, and re-engineering of traditional applications to the DevOps environment are accomplished effectively by consultants we hire.

DevOps Consultant Resume Sample

devops engineer consultant resume sample

Why Choose Us as DevOps Consulting Company for Recruiting Skilled Specialists?

We are a professional company for recruiting DevOps consultants with numerous advantages to our clients such as:

  • Quality talent – We recruit highly talented, skilled, and experienced DevOps consultants by sourcing a wide range of channels to provide you with the best services your business deserves.
  • Competitive cost – Our company hires consultants with a very competitive DevOps consultant salary in the market.
  • Fully managed service – Our team takes care of all processes involved in the end-to-end hiring processes while maintaining strong cohesion and communication with our clients, who remain fully hassle-free.
  • Large talent pool – We are located in Kyiv, Ukraine, which has a huge pool of over 200 thousand IT specialists to choose from.
  • Ideal location – Ukraine is a very ideal location for physical traveling from all major countries in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and others.
  • Faster scalability – We continue our commitment with our clients for faster scaling of the team when need arises.

Our Working Process to Recruit a Database Developer & DevOps Consultant

Our working process for recruiting DevOps consultants, AWS consultants, Database developers, and other resources is based on:

  1. Requirement analysis – Our specialized experts collect and assess the requirements from clients and suggest the most suitable solution to meet those requirements
  2. Sourcing – We use social media, job portals, local databases, and referrals to source the relevant talent.
  3. Shortlisting – Our team uses industry best tools to shortlist the candidates
  4. Interviewing – Our recruiting specialists, in coordination with clients, conduct a series of interviews to choose the right candidate
  5. Offering/Contacting – We send job offer and sign a contract with the hired candidate with full details of terms and condition of job position
  6. Onboarding – With the help of remote introduction to existing team and workflow, we onboard newly hired consultant

If you are looking for remote DevOps consultancy, get in touch with us and learn how to hire a DevOps consultant in Ukraine!

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